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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

New Website & Shop, Japan Gifts


I had intended to introduce myself a couple of weeks ago but after the passing of Her Majesty The Queen I made the decision to wait.

I have Been working on this website for a couple of weeks now. I had intended to promote it on 8th September 2022 but after the passing of her majesty the Queen I thought it inappropriate.

All my life I’ve only ever known The Queen, I remember celebrating the Queen’s silver jubilee in 1977 and this year her platinum jubilee. Whether you are a royalist or not there has not been anyone like her, she was a remarkable woman, and Queen.

About me

From a young age I’ve had a love of all things Japanese. When I started making face marks during the pandemic it was obvious that I would choose Japanese fabrics.

I’ve always been a creative person whether it was pencil drawing to fluid art or egg decorating craft and now to sewing. Plus I did a couple of years of photography but unfortunately had to give up due to fibromyalgia.

I have not had any formal training in arts & crafts. My first full time job was in antique furniture restoration until I was made redundant. Then I did bar work in a club in Liverpool. My last job was working for a large British retailer, I worked there for over 20 years. During the pandemic there was lots redundancies, I took voluntary redundancy.

I started my etsy shop selling items with my photographs and fluid art on, pillows, mugs and t-shirts via a print on demand company. I didn’t make many sales but kept the shop going. I didn’t do anything creative at the start of the pandemic, my head space just didn’t seem to be in the right creative place. It wasn’t until August of 2020 that I started sewing face masks in Japanese cotton. Bought pieces of vintage kimono silk but I wasn’t sure of what to do with them. I ended up making infinity scarves from them as most of the pieces where the perfect length.

Please browse my website

I will constantly be adding more content soon. If there's anything you would like to ask me about my work please send me a message.

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